Friday, June 23, 2017


Last 19th of June The children of the 6th grade of Poeta Villangomez  and Can Guerxo schools celebrated the last pashe of the linguistic exchange project .
It was a day full of fantastic activities that Sergio de English teacher design for the ocasion:Memory game, music competition and a online game called Kahoot where the children used the tablets and the mobiles phones for playing.
You can see the experience on the local newspaper:

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

a workshop about INDIA

This term came to school Maria one of the members of the ONG called "Fundación Vicente Ferrer".
She told to the kids the story of Vicente Ferrer who was the founder.
The children listened to  all her explanations about the live in India and the rights of the children and their needs, how helpfull and important is the Foundation of Vicente Ferrer,thanks to them most of the children have got an opportunity in life because their parents haven't got resources for helping them.
We are very happy to learnt about how is the life in India and the relevant job that do the members of fundación Vicente Ferrer.
It has been a pleasure to meet maria, and a lesson full of values.

Byrapuram school

These photos are about our friends of Burapuram school in India.The children are looking at the materials that we sent last year.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

An exchange project

This term we have been the host of a  project called "Connect". It is an  exchanged linguistic project between schools.
The students of sixth grade of Can Guerxo school visited us Poeta Villangómez school.
I designed different activities for the ocasion, the children played a jeopardylabs quiz, after that I did a Musical competition.
The PE. teacher also participated in the project and she did a gymkana in English the kids enjoyed playing interactive games..It was a great experience.


Thursday, March 30, 2017


The children enjoyed the story of one the greatest english writers "Roald Dalh" . It was a fantastic performance of "James and the giant peach" with chinese shadows.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Connect is an English project that has been invited by Pedagogical Innovation to be presented in Palma the 9th of March. It was a project between schools where the children were the participant of the learning in a significant, relevant and meaninful context in English.

English theater at school

David and Monma two of the greatest artists of the island came to our school to performance "where dreams come true. The children had a great fun.

Thursday, December 22, 2016


In the following link you can find the digital notebooks where our students work in the different taks and activities such as the "connect"


In The school to school projecte the children learn how is the India's culture.And the industry of the cinema is really relevant in the country.In the photos the children are dancing bolliwood music.

School to school

In the following photos you can see some of the posters that the children are making for our friends of Byrapuram school in India.


This is the third year that we participate in the international project of Fundación Vicente Ferrer in the exchange cultural programme.This schoolar year we work the festivities an parties of both countries.In the following photos you can see the students of Poeta Villangómez working in our festivities, bank holidays , parties etc.